3 Benefits of Dental Bonding

Tooth gaps are infamous for creating noticeable flaws in other perfect smiles. This is particularly true of gaps located between an individual’s two front teeth. Whether a gap is quite wide or relatively small, it can make a person very self-conscious and prompt them to shy away from open-mouth smiles. Unbeknownst to many people plagued by tooth gaps, this problem is fairly easy – and inexpensive – to treat. Although there are many ways to close gaps in teeth, dental bonding represents one of the simplest and most cost-effective solutions. Anyone eager to rid themselves of a tooth gap is urged to consider the benefits of bonding.


1. Incredibly Cost-Effective

Certain gap-closing procedures can be very costly. For example, even if you have dental insurance, crowns and veneers are liable to cost you a pretty penny. Furthermore, closing gaps with oral surgery is guaranteed to be even pricier. Also, while a custom-made retainer is far less expensive than the aforementioned options, it’s still liable to run you around $1,000 – or more. Dental bonding, on the other hand, is affordable on virtually any budget, regardless of whether or not a patient is covered by dental insurance. Since the vast majority of dentist charge less than $200 per gap, bonding is far and away the most cost-effective option for attaining a space-free smile. NYC residents looking for a reliable cosmetic dentist to perform this procedure should get in touch with Park Slope Dentistry, home of the best Brooklyn NY dentists.

2. Instant Results

In order to close gaps, some people elect to wear custom-made retainers. However, in addition to taking a long time to produce results, retainers often need to worn for the remainder of a person’s life in order to prevent gaps from opening back up. Conversely, with bonds, gaps are closed instantly – and while it’s true that you’ll need to have them replaced every two to five years, many people find this more convenient than wearing a retainer indefinitely.

3. Timely and Pain-Free

Also to its credit, dental bonding can be performed in a timely manner and very seldom entails any physical discomfort. Most bonding procedures can be carried out in under 20 minutes, ensuring that they only take up a small portion of a patient’s day.

No one should be ashamed to show off their pearly whites. Unfortunately, tooth gaps often make people think twice about flashing open-mouth smiles. If you’re tired of having your smile time limited by bothersome gaps, don’t hesitate to discuss the benefits of bonding with your dentist.

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