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Using Holistic Therapy for Back and Joint Pain Acupuncture has recently become more popular and is rooted in ancient Chinese medicinal practices. Not as many know that it is often just as effective as Western medicine procedures. This procedure is very effective at healing many different health problems, even besides back and joint pain. Various individuals may use acupuncture for relaxation, for instance. It is amazing how much the many types of acupuncture can help. If you have never heard of acupuncture, it uses needles inserted in the skin and muscle. Chi, or energy, in the body is the key to this holistic treatment. Meridians are the passageways of energy throughout the human body, and these are what acupuncturists work with specifically. In acupuncture, discomforts are caused when the energy flow on the pathway is blocked by something. Acupuncture helps to get the energy pathways clear and open so that health and good feeling can be brought back. Acupuncture works just as well as other pain management techniques used in traditional medicine, especially when used with chiropractic treatments. Acupuncture is also considered a safe treatment. As long as you are sure that your acupuncturist has good reviews, you should be just fine. Also, be certain that the needles used are disposable and sterile.For the safest acupuncture experience, make sure to look into those important safety requirements.
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At the start of an acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist puts a varying number of needles into different pressure points on the body. The needles are injected at varying depths, depending on the pain or the location of the needle. For around thirty minutes, the needles are in the body while the patient rests. Sometimes the needles are left still, sometimes they are either moved or manipulated in place.
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Some people are afraid of the pain that may be caused by an acupuncture treatment, but these treatments are pain free. Most people think of typical needles used for medical procedures, like shots, but the needle is not the same. A needle used during acupuncture is very thin. Many describe it as actually relieving pain, or being a very relaxing sensation. Some patients even fall asleep while their acupuncturist is working. Acupuncture uses signals within the body to help the body stop pain naturally with its own chemical responses. Acupuncture is extremely effective specifically when it comes to issues within the body that are mainly nerve issues, like persistent headaches or even unexplained pain elsewhere. Acupuncture can help so much more than just pain, however. Whiplash is one of those conditions. Because acupuncture helps alleviate so many painful conditions, it is no wonder that acupuncture has gained popularity again in recent years. A lot of people find that regular treatment with acupuncture is a great addition to their health routine.