Drug Addiction- Deadly Habit: Quit Drugs And Live Healthy!

Drug addiction is an issue on which the whole world is concerned. This causes physical and psychological harm to the individuals and affects the well-being of an individual as well as the welfare of the society at large. Drug abuse is no longer confined to any cultural or socio-economic strata of society but has proliferated amongst all classes and the added problem is the growing incidents of HIV-AIDS cases, among injecting drug abusers. This is eating into the vitals of our youth, destroying their productive life and seriously impairing the social and economic fabric as well as the prosperity of the country.

Who become the victims of drug addiction?

Usually unsuccessful students, young people of broken families and broken heart, unemployed youth, neglected children and unfortunate people who have no charm in life become drug addicts. Sometimes just for trying something new or trying to be just ‘cool’, the youth fell prey to drug abuse. It gets into their nerves and thus it becomes really very tough to quit the deadly habit without any professional help. The addicts soon get indulged into anti-social activities as they lose their mental balance due to the intake of drugs. These people do not even hesitate to commit any criminal offence. For few young people everything just starts for fun but it ends up in a massacre. The life of the addicted youth gets destroyed completely if necessary measures are not taken on time.

Impacts of drug addiction:

Drug addiction not only causes physical harm to an individual but it can also lead them into other troubles. Let us discuss about the impacts of drug addiction –

  • Physical and mental damage: Drug intake can cause serious damage to the addicts by affecting them both physically and mentally. It weakens the normal immune system of the body and cause permanent damage to the nerves, glands and organs. Thus they tend to become disoriented, less responsive, constricted persons. They can become hyper-reactive and out of control at times.
  • Legal problem: A person after getting convicted of drug abuse will have a criminal record. This record can lead to the difficulties like getting a job, getting visa for travelling overseas etc.
  • Criminal activities: As most of the drugs are pretty expensive so the drug addicts tend to involve themselves into criminal activities into burglary, theft to get money for their addiction.
  • Social and emotional problem: Drug abuse can lead person into severe social and emotional problems and therefore it affects their relationship with friends and family. Thus the addicts become isolated and the intensity of their problems becomes more severe.
  • Death: Drug cause death of an individual silently. Overdose of the same can cause instant death of that person.

Ways to quit drugs and get back to life all over again:

Drug addicts can quit drugs and get back to the mainstream life but strong determination is required for that. There are a variety of drugs available in the market which is used widely among the drug addicts. Few of them include Brown Sugar, Cocaine, Charas, Cannabis, Hallucinogens etc. Most of the drugs are very addictive and they can cause real difficult withdrawal symptoms. It becomes really tough for a drug addict to stop oneself from taking those drugs. So, getting addicted is easier but quitting the same is not that easy and the abuser needs mental strength to eradicate this deadly habit. Saliva test, Urine test, Blood test can confirm that the person is doing drugs. The following things a person can do to get back to life quitting drugs –

  • Seek professional help: The drug addicts can seek professional help to get rid of the deadly habit of drug addiction. Depending on their condition the expert might keep them under medication and counseling both or sometimes only counseling.
  • Regular Exercise: Regular yoga or exercise is required to help the drug addicts get back to life. Exercise or yoga helps them in building their physical and mental strength.
  • Determination: The most necessary thing required to quit drugs is strong willpower and determination. As the drugs get into their nerves and they start craving for it. Determination along with exercise and professional help is required to get back to normal life.

Concerned action is imperative in order to raise public awareness and promote preventive measures to overcome this terrible menace. Proper rehabilitation of addicts through counseling therapy and propagation of health education at formal and informal levels can contribute significantly towards our goal of freeing our world from this dangerous habit.


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