Foods Jakarta are not Derived from Indonesia

Fried Rice
This meal is deeply embedded in the hearts of people of Indonesia. Enjoyable anytime and anywhere. But much more savory when eaten in the evening. Besides it’s not too difficult to make get the fried rice, because almost every corner there is definitely fried rice traders. Even if you do not find artisan fried rice, you can make yourself fried rice.
Along with the development, fried rice began many variations ranging from seafood fried rice, fried rice sausage, rice fried bananas, fried goat, fried rice meatballs, fried rice green, red fried rice, fried rice until crazy. Weve famous Indonesian fried rice is delicious, even artists outside if another stage in Indonesia is one of the foods you want to try is the fried rice. But you do not know if it’s delicious fried rice recipe originating from China.
So people said the fried rice has been around since 4000 BC. The fried rice was created by the Chinese people do not like to eat cold food or leftover yesterday. So cold is finally fried rice again let me be served again to the dinner table. The fried rice was spread to Southeast Asia through the Chinese immigrants nomads.


Much like fried rice, noodles also have become part of the lives of Indonesia. You’re not hard to enjoy noodles in Indonesia, as traders noodles are so many in number. Once again if you have not found the elder brother of noodles, you can easily create a fast noodle noodles through such an extremely phenomenal.
But despite being can not be separated from Indonesia, it turns out the noodles did not come from Indonesia. Food made of dough rolled thin and long which is claimed by the Italian, Chinese, and Arabic as the country inventor noodles. But an article about the oldest noodle was apparently derived from the Eastern Han Dynasty, between the years 25 and 220 AD. So maybe we can be sure it came from the Chinese noodles.


One of the most popular side dish in Indonesia. Made from flour, dumpling skin peels off, and the contents vary. There are contents of fish, beef, until pork, or beef rat. Dumplings are also supported at cabbage, potatoes, tofu, egg, peanut, soy sauce, and lemon. But if you feel that the dumplings are authentic Indonesian food, then you are wrong, because it turns out the dumplings were found Mongols.


I think from Sabang until marauke there are a lot of soup. Remarkably form, manner of presentation, and it varies. There Betawi soup, soto Padang, Makassar soto, soto Pekalongan, soto Madura, Medan soto, soto soup, yes just a lot of soup in Indonesia. Although it seems very same inherent Indonesia but it turns out that the soup comes from China, you know, who earlier was named Caudo. They say soup is a form of assimilation between Chinese cuisine, Indian, Indonesian and local cuisine.


Food made from processed meat then in unison bulletin bullet-wheat foods are delicious eaten dikala rain. With the hot broth, making the body warm again even though the rain.
Meatballs also been attached very same Indonesian people, until-until there are songs Abang Tukang Bakso.
Well it turns out the meatballs are also not coming from Indonesia loh, but from the Chinese. Meatballs comes from the Bak-So, which in Arabic means Hokkien ground beef. But ancient Roman cookbook of recipes ngebahas many meatballs.


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