How to Support a Drug Addicted Partner Without Enabling Them

According to statistics, there are as many as 12.5 million spouses dealing with drug addiction in the United States today.  This is an alarming number.  Drug addictions regularly break down trust until the point of no return, and can destroy any relationship, no matter how strong it was previous to the addiction.  Many spouses struggle to support a drug addicted partner without enabling them, and this can be incredibly hard to deal with.  In this article, we hope to provide some advice and explain how you can get your partner the help they need.

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Enabling vs Supporting

There is a very fine line between enabling your partner and supporting them.  You may have already tried, and failed, to encourage them to seek treatment, however if you continue to support them financially, you are enabling them and not helping the situation.  It’s important to understand where to draw the line between enabling and supporting.  Don’t make excuses for your husband’s behavior, otherwise you are just showing them that you support what they are doing.

Only by establishing boundaries and letting your partner hit rock bottom will you enable them to start building themselves up again.  Emotional support is fine, but only if you can cope with this.  There is nothing wrong with taking a step back if you are struggling.

How to Speak to Your Partner

It can be incredibly scary to speak to a drug addicted partner, especially if they are prone to violent outbursts when under the influence.  It’s important that you discuss with them how their addiction is hurting you (and your children if you have any) so that they understand the importance of seeking help.

When talking to your partner, you want to do so in the softest way possible.  Don’t judge them while talking to them, and try to be honest but calm in your approach.  Don’t speak about particular incidents that have occurred, but do mention how long they have had the problem if you feel it will help.  The aim here is to encourage them to seek help but not to make them angry.  You don’t need to rush into a plan of action, but you do need to make your voice heard.

Speak to the Professionals

If your partner is unable to admit that he has a problem, or if you are too scared to speak to him, you may need to enlist the help of professionals.  A men’s drug and alcohol treatment facility may be the best place for your partner to be while he recovers from the addiction.  It’s often too difficult to recover when you are surrounded by the people that love you, and while this will be hard on the both of you, it’s good to remember that he is in the right place with people who can help him.

Dealing with a drug addicted partner can be incredibly tough.  Make sure you look after yourself and your own needs as well.

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