Learn The Evolutionary Yoga Style of Practice

Yoga has been around for many thousands of years and has been helpful for people to reduce stress and make healthy lifestyle changes. Learning a style of yoga which can be taken anywhere in the world can be even more beneficial.

Evolutionary Yoga is a style of yoga that encompasses many different approaches to finding better health mentally and physically as well as boosting fitness levels. When we first start any type of physical activity the impact is usually on the body but with evolutionary yoga the sequences are gentle and releasing. This method works to open the fiscal sheets of the body and gently stretch into muscles and tendons without causing pain.

What are the methods?

Yin yoga is a type of yoga that asks the practitioner to stay in a posture for a considerable amount of time. Usually holding postures for around 3 to 5 minutes. This style really gets into the joints and connective tissue and removes tensions from the physical body. You can find the history of Yin yoga in the ancient teachings of China and Japan that date back over 5000 years. This approach effects what is called the meridians of the body. In the west we would call these meridians lines of fascia all connected by a web that is physical and energetic.


Qigong is a very strong form of practice with many different styles. Evolutionary Yoga uses medical Qigong which has sequences that focus on the major organs of the body. The sequences of movements create compression on the organs to allow new blood flow to reach them and toxins to be released. If we was to practice dragon qigong then we would be specifically working with the kidney’s which hold the emotion of fear and the element would be water.

Vinyasa flow yoga

Vinyasa translates to mean sequence and in the flow form it continually moves through different postures to create a flowing sequence that can be quite challenging depending on the approach. All of the postures that are around today come from a practice called hatha yoga which still lives on today. Ha means Sun and the means Moon. All physical practice look to balance the Yin & Yang or water and fire in the human being. If we incorporate rhythmic breathing into any yoga practice then we allow the mind to become calm and steady.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation has become quite big over the last decade and has two specific techniques called the method and the attitude. The method is user to first try to clam the constant thoughts passing through our minds every moment of every day. We do not try to stop having thoughts but rather develop the ability to take a step back into a place where we can observe. Of course this can be quite hard if we are experiencing intense emotion but the method allows everything to be just as it is without us feeling the need to suppress any part of our experience. The attitude towards our experience can be one of kindness which takes us away from getting frustrated, just because we have a bad thought.

Where can you learn this yoga style?

Deep in the heart of central Portugal is a retreat centre called Yoga Evolution Retreats where you can find many great yoga styles. The retreat centre was founded over a decade ago by the founders of Evolutionary Yoga Peter and Sue. They have been passionately helping people for a long time as they are both therapists and highly training in a lot of ancient and modern day forms of therapy. The retreat centre is a healing and stress free environment with 13 acres of forest land that has a swimming pool and natural stream passing through. On the retreat weeks you can find Evolutionary yoga teacher training courses, ashtanga yoga weeks as well as other styles like vinyasa flow.


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