Losing Weight is Really Quite Difficult

I have been working hard, but so far I really have not lost the sort of weight that I really need to lose. Of course I have not been really as disciplined about the dieting at as I need to be and so I have been looking at things like the best nutrisystem reviews of their foods and meal replacement shakes. I figure that I need to combine a bit more working out with a lot fewer calories if I really want to achieve the goals that I have set. In fact I have been thinking that perhaps I should think about breaking my goals down into stages, hoping that it would be easier to achieve if I were trying to get one third of it at a time. That is a gimmick obviously, but I am thinking that there has to be a lot of psychology involved in this sort of thing.

Just like any other goal, the key is being tough enough to stick with it. A great athlete is never born with so much ability that they do not need to work at the craft. That is why I get amazed at how so many people begrudge them the money that they make. It is obvious that many of them waste it and behave like jerks, but they get the money because they worked hard enough to become the best at what they do. In the entire world there are only around four hundred and fifty NBA players at any one time. Most of them are going to be doing something else after a few years. You have to be dedicated like that if you really want to get to where you need to be, or if you want to get where you want to be in my case.

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