Mobile Pedicure – Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet at Home During Winter

Winter is around the corner and with it its many joys and challenges. Aside from the festivity in the air, the holidays and the snow, the cold weather takes its toll on our bodies. Our feet are not left out as they are really affected. The weather can dry out the skin of your feet and nails. This makes mobile pedicure more important than ever.

Sadly, many of us ignore taking proper care of our feet mainly because no one sees them as they are encased in boots. During the summer months when we wear our sandals, we take care of our feet because everyone sees them. This should not stop during the winter months or we would have done a lot of damage to our feet before the winter months are over.

Some Challenges that Winter Brings

There are some issues our feet face during the winter months. Some of these include:

Toenail Fungus

Because of the weather, these fungi will thrive unless you take necessary precautions, which include ensuring your feet are not moist. This can happen when we wear socks that are not breathable, thereby causing a buildup of moisture on our feet.

Reduced Circulation

During this cold weather, blood circulation usually gets worse especially for people who already have blood circulation problems. This can result in conditions such as such as Chilblains, Reynaud’s phenomenon and other issues arising from poor circulation, which is exacerbated by the extreme cold weather.

Problem with Bad Fitting Shoes

We also find that a lot of people force their feet into ill-fitting shoes from last season. Many fail to recognize that their feet may have changed a bit during the time between last winter and now. They wear their socks and force their feet into their old shoes, adding a lot of strain and pressure to their feet.

This can result in plantar fasciitis or a deformation of the feet a type of which is known as bunions.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Feet this Winter

To ensure your feet get the best treatment during these winter months, we will give you a few feet care tips.


During the summer months, exfoliation is quite easy as we regularly visit beaches; rub our bare feet on sand and other surfaces that aid exfoliation. However, during the winter months, we do not have this luxury especially with our feet encased in warm footwear. It is therefore important to consciously exfoliate regularly.

Use thermal exfoliating scrubs or you can make your own foot scrub with a tablespoon of sugar and a quarter cup of honey and then soak your feet in warm water. These will help with the exfoliating process and also warm up your cold feet.

Moisturize Your Feet

Do not fail to keep your feet moisturized. Aside from keeping your feet hydrated, which will keep your feet from succumbing to cracking from the cold, it can also help keep your feet warm.

Keep Your Nails Trimmed

You will likely be wearing your winter boots a lot. If your nails are not trimmed, the boots could begin to cause some irritation to them. Keeping those nails trimmed will make wearing the boots more comfortable.

Relax Your Feet

With your feet spending hours encased in socks and boot, you need to let your feet breathe as often as you can. Get them out of those boots and give them a rub down. This can be done as you get your foot scrub. Doing this will increase blood circulation and warmth to your feet.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Make sure that your winter footwear is not too tight. You should not be wearing ill-fitting shoes especially under-sized ones. We have already enumerated some health issues that can arise from this. Take it seriously and get new boots if necessary.

Get Mobile Pedicure Services

We know you may not be able to go to your nail salon because of the weather conditions. But hey, you do not have to go to them because they can come to you. Proceed your treatment with a continue pedicure service on demand, for some pampering for you feet, It will be worth it.

Winter or not, your feet always deserves nothing but the best. Be sure to give them the best treatment this winter.

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