Relieving the Muscle Soreness With Body Massage

The massage therapy helps to achieve the goal of relaxation and pain relief. A research study proves the significance of body massage by shedding light on how deep kneading massage works to ease pain and fasten the healing process in the sore muscles of the body.

The penetration of massage deep down in the muscles and other tissues of the body ensures the activity of certain genes that are directly responsible for reducing muscles inflammation. Moreover, a new research study suggests that deep massage may even work at the cellular level and is able enough to fulfill the purpose of pain relieving medication.

The major reason behind the soreness of muscles is the accumulation of lactic acid in them. A deep massage therapy activates the production of a large number of mitochondria that are considered as the energy factories in the cell and are responsible for the conversion of glucose into energy which is required during the healing process of sore muscles or minor muscles injury. There are huge some benefits of body massage.

A weekly massage for the persons suffering from sore muscles massage therapy will do a lot of good to them. Chiropractic and massage therapy help to reduce aches and improve mobility by creating an element of flexibility in the sore and strain muscles.

Another research conducted in the field of massage found that a deep body massage activates the release of natural pain killers known as opioids in the brain. Now the question arises that how massage therapy ease muscle soreness?  This article enlists the ways in which body massage be considered seriously by the ones who want to get rid of sore muscles in a limited period to continue with their fatigue routine:

Pregnancy massage:

This type of massage is specially designed for expecting mothers. It’s very safe and effective for the lady who is bearing a child in her body which would result in stress on her muscles. Therefore a special cushion is used to address the needs of pregnant women.

Use of infinity massage chairs for sore muscles:

The steady rhythmic massage offered by the infinity massage chair reduces the element of fatigue in the muscles. The inbuilt High-Tec rollers in the chair roll to knead out tension and improves blood.

Deep tissue massage:

Deep-tissue massage penetrates deep down the muscles. More serotonin is produced in response to deep tissue massage therapy which can relieve your pain and give you an overall relaxed feeling. Serotonin is a natural chemical produced by the brain and is involved in the creation of positive feelings.

Sports massage:

Sports massage is considered as the best option to get rid of sore muscles after the workout. Sports massage involves vigorous rubbing of the full body. The kneading movements of the sports massage efficiently target all the muscles of the body thereby it increases the blood circulation and helps in curing of the sore muscles.

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