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The Main Bits of Information You Need to Know About Stem Cell Therapy and Diabetes Treatment Diabetes is one of the most serious medicals conditions that afflict human beings. This is because, on top of its serious symptoms and effects on the patient, there is no permanent cure for the condition. Diabetes is therefore a lifelong condition that can only be managed but not completely cured. Stem cell therapy is an area that is being heavily researched as a potential way of permanently curing diabetes. Given that the field is very complex and technical, here is all you need to know about stem cell therapy as a non professional. Stem cells refer to special cells in the body that can be found in organs such as the liver and umbilical cord, or in the bone marrow of in human embryos. The feature that makes stem cells special is their ability to develop into any cell in the body. When successful, scientists will be able to grow insulin producing cells from stem cells, cells which will solve the insulin problem in insulin deficient patients. An important thing to note is that stem cell therapy for treating diabetes is an area that is still being researched on. Most stem cell therapy techniques for diabetes are still experimental with varying degrees of success. Most of the research is still on growing the insulin producing cells from beta cells. Even scientists who have been successful in growing beta cells from stem cells are yet to test the treatment on human subjects, so far working with animals only. This means that with no scientific evidence that the therapy really works, most current treatments are experimental at best.
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Despite there being no proven treatment, some hospitals offer experimental procedures that can significantly reduce the impact of diabetes on a person’s health. You should however consult other medical professionals before you opt to go for this therapy. On top of such treatments being expensive and risky, they also don’t guarantee results. When doctors use the patients’ own stem cells, then the risk of immune reactions and rejection are low.
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Despite its promise and potential, stem cell therapy is not without its controversies and some shortcomings. The main controversy comes from the use of stem cells from human embryos. To get the stem cells of an embryo, the embryo has to be killed which means that some people see that as murder. Patients who use stem cells from other people or other sources also run the risk of their bodies rejecting them and reacting negatively.