The Popularity of Teeth Whitening

The popularity of teeth whitening continues to grow as more options become available, making it the most requested form of cosmetic dentistry. This is due to the many benefits associated with this type of procedure. If you, like millions of people, are considering teeth whitening in Brooklyn NY, you may wonder if you should buy an over-the-counter system or go to a professional dentist.The short answer is you may have the option of receiving the best of both worlds. Some patients prefer in-office whitening for different reasons such as safety. Other patients want at-home treatments because over-the-counter products are less expensive.

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Many dentists provide at-home teeth whitening systems as an alternative to going the dentist office. In this scenario, you will receive a series of tray, mouth pieces and whitening gel. You can apply these to your teeth when it is convenient from the comfort of your home.Supervised Teeth Whitening While you no longer have to travel to the dentist’s office to have your teeth whitening, you are not left to perform this procedure alone. Typically, the dentist will create a treatment plan to ensure you receive optimal results.Before receiving the whitening treatment, you will receive a thorough assessment to determine whether bleaching is right for your oral health.

Things like the severity and type of stains on your teeth will help the dentist tailor the treatments. In addition to whitening at home, you will also go into the office for regular checkups to make sure the process is working correctly.How Teeth Whitening Trays WorkYou will receive custom-made whitening trays based on impressions of your smile. This way, the gel will come in contact as much as possible with your smile for even results. Customizing the trays also reduces the amount of contact the bleaching gel has with sensitive areas.

You apply the bleaching agent to the trays before placing the upper and lower ones on your teeth. The length of time the trays stay on your teeth could be for one hour or more each night.There are several benefits to your decision to have your teeth whitened, with a better looking smile at the top of the list. Having your teeth professionally whitened brightens your smile. At the same time, it removes persistent stains that may take longer to disappear with OTC products. You become more self-confident and no longer feel embarrassed by a dingy smile.

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