To avoid hair loss you can follow the healthy Chinese medicine for hair growth

There are lots of different factors are there which would make your hair to loss. It may be due to increase in the level of your stress, anxiety and the irregular life style and other improper diet habits. To come out from such a kind of problem you can make use of traditional Chinese medicine which can really help you. It is because the condition of your hair had been believed to get reflected up with the state of key aspects of your health.

Some believe that the traditional Chinese medicine can be effectively helping when you are treating your hair loss under the different underlying conditions that causes the hair loss. The traditional Chinese medicine hair loss treatment mainly focuses on creating the balance and harmony in the body through strengthening up the blood and causing balance to the hormones through restoring Qi and directing the blood to the scalp.

Different causes of hair loss

Stress found in liver

The TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) suggest that your liver would stores up the blood and it would circulate the blood to the sides as well as to the top of your head. When the liver gets stressed up under pressure this would dysfunction and decrease up the level of the blood flow to the head and this acts as the main reason why the hair thinning and grayness found in that region.

Kidney dominates the major growth level of hair

The kidney would dominate the growth as well as the development of your body that includes the hair. When someone has the strong kidney essence then your hair would be shiny, thick and strong.

The additional reason that would cause the hair loss is as follows

  • Thallus algae
  • Angelica sinensis
  • Ganoderma
  • Stinging nettle
  • Sesamum indicum

How can you overcome from that?

To overcome form that there is a need for you to follow the dietary plan that is rich in the fatty acid, mineral and proteins for that there you can also undergo the herbal therapy. Several different types of the Chinese herbs can be used for underlying the hair loss. For the development and improvement of the scalp circulation there is a need for the primary and preventive measures.

Another treatment that you can able to use for developing the growth of the hair in Chinese medicine hair includes the acupuncture for hair loss. Through this you can able to correct the imbalance that had been found in the hormones. When the imbalance had been corrected sure the root cause of the hair loss can be controlled and this would pave a way for the new hair growth and makes your hair to grow stronger.




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