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Cincinnati Marriage Counselor: Top Reasons Why You Need Marriage Counseling It is a fact that there is a decline in marriage rate in this modern times, and most first marriages end in annulment or divorce. Divorce rates may vary with religious beliefs, level of education, childhood background, and many other factors. And hen divorce happens, it results to difficulties for couples and their children. Divorce is a decision that often meets uncertainty and ambivalence about the future. Children may experience many negative effects such as anger, denial, guilt, feelings of abandonment, blame, acting out and preoccupation with reconciliation. While others resort to divorce as the healthiest choice for some, others may still try to salvage whatever is left in the relationship. So let’s talk about the benefits of seeking marriage counseling. If communication has become negative and deteriorated, it is often hard to get back in track in the right direction. Negative communication leads to a feeling of insecurity, disregard, insecurity, depression or withdrawal from the conversation. Physical abuse, emotional abuse and nonverbal communication are also forms of negative communication. You need to undergo marriage counseling if you or your partner had an affair or is considering having an affair. It takes it takes commitment, hard work and willingness to forgive and move forward to be able to recover in an affair, but it is not impossible. Your marriage may be salvaged if both parties are committed to the therapy process and are honest to acknowledge your own mistakes. One clear indication that marriage counseling is needed is when couples are seem like roommates more than married couples, so a skilled clinician needs to address lack of intimacy, lack of conversation and other elements that help keep an engaging and healthy relationship. It is important to consult a professional marriage counselor, who is highly knowledgeable and highly skilled to help sort what’s actually missing in a couple’s relationship and how to get things back. When couples don’t know how to resolve their individual differences, then a marriage counselor can intervene to move the couple back to the right direction through enlightening and giving options basing on their own concepts and ideas. Marriage counseling is needed to help couple address and sort out acting out of negative feelings, and find better methods to express them, instead of negatively acting out or continue hurting each other. Marriage counseling is needed when couples argue or disagree and timeout turn to temporary separation or overnight stay away from home. When a couple stays together for the sake of their children, they need to talk to a marriage counselor to identify and resolve past and existing issues, talk openly to each other and eventually move toward a healthy relationship.
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