Why should you buy the best RO Water or UV Water Purifier to stay fit & healthy?

Consider a random situation – You are inside a train and you feel thirsty. Suddenly you realize that you forgot the water bottle at homeL. You reach the station and realize that the bottled water that you have purchased is from an unknown brand and quench your thirst by having some other drink e.g. lime juice, cola, etc. Though, it is not right to quench your thirst by having a substitute of water since it has no substitute. We cannot trust the purity of water which you consume from outside as you won’t be aware of the TDS levels & other vital properties associated with the water.

Water Pollution is on the rise since our rivers, reservoirs, lakes, etc. are drowning with waste materials like plastic, chemicals, and other water pollutants. Hence, even though your Municipal Corporation states that the water you receive at home can be consumed directly, you should ensure that necessary protective measures are taken to keep you & loved ones away from the deadly water-borne diseases. One way of ensuring that your water is free from harmful chemicals, TDS levels are in control is to have an RO water filter or RO purifier or UV water purifier at home. RO water filters are ideally preferred by people who are more cost sensitive and want to ensure that major impurities in water are removed.

RO Water Purifier works on the basic principle of Reverse Osmosis where a semi-permeable membrane is used to remove all the impurities in the water. The input water passes through an RO membrane where the major cleanup happens and dissolved chemicals & salts are removed from the water. It does not modify the taste of water and since the membrane is extremely small ~0.0005 microns, you can be assured that water you are planning to intake is free from harmful substances & safe to consume.

Many RO water purifiers are also equipped with UV (Ultra-Violet) protection/UV lamp and the UV rays remove all the bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms present in the water. In doing so, there is a possibility that some essential minerals that were earlier present in the water could also have been removed. Hence, many UV water purifiers also come with TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) controller so that the essential minerals in the water are retained. In some cases, it could also alter the taste of water, but that it is all for good!

With advancements in technology, pioneers like LivPure have also upgraded their lineup of RO Water Purifier & UV Water purifier. Majority of the purifiers from this renowned brand comes with 7-stage purification process, taste enhancer, and storage capacity of close to 8 Liters. Customers can buy online water purifier from the LivPure website. Many customers also want to have a detailed look at the design and technology used in the water purifiers, in such a case they check online purifier price and complete the purchase by visiting the nearby electronics store where LivPure water purifiers are available. Below are the different categories of RO water purifiers from LivPure

  • LivPure Touch 2000 Plus RO Water Purifier
  • LivPure Eco Touch RO Water Purifier
  • LivPure Pep Star RO Water Purifier with RO+UV+UF+Taste Enhancer
  • LivPure Magna Pro RO Water Purifier

There are a number of options for UV Water Purifier as well. The type of Water Purifier that you are willing to purchase also depends on your budget requirements. It is always recommended to stay away from water-borne diseases and this is only possible if you consume pure & safe drinking water. For achieving this goal, you should opt for the buy best water purifier from brands like LivPure who have expertise & excellent after-sales support!

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