7 Fun Facts and Statistical News about Storage Units

The concept of self storage first came about 6,000 years ago in Xi’an, China. Modern self storage units gives the customar a space in which no one else has access to without the person himself.And this concept was unheard until the Lauderdale Storage opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1958. The international Self Storage Association has released a statistical news of the self storage industry in 2013.That highlights interesting  facts about the industry’s current status and also shows that there is a lot more to self storage than people often realize.

It is widely believed that there was a man named Xiang Lau who opened the first storage facility.When he realized that his mud hut was overflowing with the prized bones of his enemies. He wanted to keep them in his man cave to gloat to all his friends, but his wife made him remove them after she kept tripping over them. From this the idea for an off-site self storage facility was born.Lau was the first to offer deals,such as a free ox rental when renting a storage unit.

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Storage units in USA

In 2013, self storage in the US generated more than $24 billion which, at a local and state tax rate of $3.25 billion each year, is pretty good incentive to encourage people to buy more than they need. The industry has been the fastest growing segment in commercial real estate since about 1975 and is even considered recession resistant because of its continued success through the recession of 2008.

The average size of a primary self storage facility is 46,500 square feet. There are enough of these storage facilities that every American household could rent 21 square feet of storage space. In a word, the self storage industry is huge and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

In total, Americans store 2.3 billion square feet of stuff, which is more than 78 square miles–three times the size of Manhattan. That’s an average of 7.3 square feet of self storage space for every person in the United States. And yet, clearly that’s not enough space for many people, as seven seasons of the A&E reality show Hoarders illustrates.

Fun facts about storage unit in the USA:

  • 1.There are 7.3 square feet of self storage space for every person in the United States.
    it is possible for everyone in the country to stand in a self storage unit at the same time. This serves as a reminder that there is ample space at a storage facility near you, so stop cramming things into that overly crowded basement!


  • 2.There were 48,500self-storage facilities in America at the end of 2014


  • 3.In the national economy the storage units are caring a vast part.Americans are discovering and utilizing the power of extra space day by day.

 Over the last four decades, self storage has been one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. More Americans are. The industry has become an important part of the nation’s economy.

  • 4.The Average monthly cost for renting a self storage unit In the USA is $91.14


  • 5.The United States is home to thousands of privately-held self storage companies. This includes 30,800 companies that own smaller regional facilities. Self storage companies are often locally owned and operated, making them integral parts of the community.


  • 6.There are so many peoples who sacrifices there living places for storing their seasonal house hold items and other goods as well.But a statistic shows that,65 percent of people who use self storage units have a garage. Forty seven percent have an attic, and 33 percent have a basement.


  • 7.Almost half of people who use self storage earn less than $50,000 per year. 63 percent earn less than $75,000. People of all socioeconomic backgrounds use self storage. You do not have to be wealthy to afford quality storage.

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