Before The MRI

Before getting an MRI, there are a few things that you need to know to make the scan a bit easier. If you’re claustrophobic, then consider an open MRI New Jersey hospitals and offices offer so that you aren’t inside a tube while the scan is completed. This can sometimes make you feel a bit better as you are on a table in an open space without being in an enclosure that is often loud and dimly lit.

With most MRI scans, you have to change into a nightgown provided by the facility. This will prevent any zippers or other items from being scanned if you keep your clothes on during the procedure. Most facilities do allow you to keep cotton clothing on, such as underwear or a bra as long as it doesn’t have an underwire or a metal clip in the back. Anything metal needs to be removed, such as earrings and rings. It’s best to just leave jewelry and accessories at home so that you don’t have to worry about them.

When the scan is taking place, you can’t move. The nurse or technician will tell you when to take a deep breath or if you need to move your arms to a different position, such as above your head. Otherwise, you need to be as still as possible. This is where an open MRI comes into play. You don’t feel as constricted on a table as you do in a tube, so it makes it easier not to move at times because you are more relaxed.

At times, the machine can get loud. You can request earplugs to wear to prevent the sound from invading your thought process. For children, a sedative might need to be given so that they are relaxed and don’t get scared during the procedure. This is another benefit of the open system as an adult can lay with the child on the table. Keep your eyes closed as this can sometimes help get through the MRI. You won’t be able to see the tube, and it’ll feel like you’re asleep on a very loud bed. It’s sometimes best to go to a happy place where you don’t even think about the MRI being done. It will make the time go by faster so that you will get out of the hospital or office and back home where you can relax.

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