Don’t be confused! 4 These Things Can Soothe Fussy Babies When Teething

Itching, pain and discomfort in the gums are often felt by the baby when he wants to start teething. Every day your child becomes difficult to eat, fussy, and sometimes his body temperature becomes high. Sometimes as parents confused how to calm fussy children because they want to grow teeth. Stop! Don’t confuse, 4 ways below can calm your little one who is fussy because you want to grow teeth. Anything? Check below!

1. Press the little gum

When a baby grows teeth he will feel uncomfortable in the gums such as pain, itching and aches. The fix is ​​to press your baby’s gums using your fingers which have been coated with sterile gauze. Finger pressure on your baby’s gums will make him calm because the pain will decrease.

 2. Give the Teether Necklace

Teether is a special type of necklace that can reduce itching and pain in your child’s gums. Amber teething necklace is made from a kind of amber which is arranged in such a neat manner, and is safe when used by the little one.

It is recommended that you buy teether with good quality and not as long as the price is cheap because it can endanger the baby’s teeth growth.

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3. Give Boiled Baby Vegetables

When a baby grows teething usually at the age of the child before 6 months and above, where he has begun to be introduced with breast milk. Well, you can give them snacks such as boiled vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, or pumpkins to reduce the itching in the gums. But vegetables should be cut into large sizes to avoid the risk of the baby choking.

4. Give Biscuit Snacks

Besides the sweet and delicious taste, snack biscuits can reduce pain and divert the pain in your child’s gums. When he continues to hold the food in his hand, your baby will continue to bite the biscuits to relieve the itching and pain in the gums.

Well, it’s better for you, give the baby biscuits special for you, so they don’t contain high sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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