Health Benefits Must You Know

You may have seen a lot on the internet and in magazines recently about a brand new gadget for the kitchen. If you’ve seen any taglines like best oil-less fryer 2018 or check out this new exciting appliance! Well if you have seen this, then you might be looking at an article or advert for what is known as an air fryer! It is sweeping the market as we enter into the new year, and with good reason, they are a quick way of frying things that cuts out a lot of unhealthy aspects of that particular method of cooking. But you might be seeing reviews praising it and thinking, how can it improve my quality of life? Well, we are here to bring you the answers today, here are just a few reasons why an air fryer can help to improve your quality of life!

Health benefits

As you may know now, this appliance works by a mechanical fan pumping boiling hot air around and also coating it in a thin layer of oil, and as this happens, whatever you’ve put in there will fry up nicely. Now, you might hear the word fried and thing that this is just another unhealthy food choice, but you’re wrong! These appliances are growing in popularity in America, due to the fact that they are a healthy alternative to the usual method of frying. Usually, you would have a fryer full of nasty looking oil. You would dump your chips, chicken or fish in there and it would just sit there, as the oil heated up, just bathing in pretty unappetising looking liquid. This old style of frying also resulted in a lot of extra oil being coated onto food as they just sit in for however many minutes it takes. The reason that people are now turning to air fryers is because the use of oil is minimal in comparison to that of deep fat fryers. So you can still cook all your wonderful food you love to fry, but it won’t be absolutely coated in oil! It will have just enough for it to crisp up deliciously!

It’s quicker and more efficient!

Oftentimes when using a deep fat fryer, recipes will tell you that you need to boil the chips first for about 4-5 minutes to soften them up enough, so that the fryer can do its work. And, if you are just planning on having chips, this can cause a lot of time-wastage and sitting around waiting for them to boil, not to mention extra washing up at the end! Well with the air fryer you don’t need to do this, all you really need to do is soak them in some warm water briefly beforehand. After this, they are ready to go into the air fryer, and the machine is so revolutionary it will be able to cook them to the perfect crispiness. As long as you have it on the right temperature, perfect chips every time!

It looks sleek!

You may have seen this if you’ve been searching gowise air fryer reviews 2018 on the internet. But one of the main reasons this appliance is really catching on with consumers, is because of its design. No matter who makes the one you buy, you can see that some really sleek engineering has gone into it. It is usually a solid black or white colour, with minimal detail on the front, save for a bold dial that you use to set a timer. The basket it uses pops out of the bottom and is small and efficient. This is a real step up from the grease-stained, damaged deep-fat fryers you used to have to clean out every now and then. Because of an air fryers design it really gives a modern, futuristic look to any kitchen it is placed in. And it’s not loud at all, no bubbling oil or fear of being burned or anything like that. Just set the timer and let it do its work.

So there you have it, now you know a little bit more about this new appliance that is steadily growing in popularity in the western world. Thanks to us, you can now make a more informed decision when faced with one of these on your computer screen or in a shop window. They are compact, slightly healthier than the alternative and really, really easy to use! It is no surprise they are catching on, and improving the quality of some peoples lives already!


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