Making An Impact In 2017

Most people strive to make resolutions each year. For the first few weeks in January, it’s common for individuals and families to make promises to live healthier lives, and develop habits that make them stronger individuals. These may include things like cutting back on bad habits, exercising more, and spending more time with their families. While these are all great resolutions that can lead to a more positive outlook in 2017, it’s important to consider other areas that others may be overlooking.

Personal development should be at the top of your list this year. Health, strength, and wellness are the core factors for our functionality when we evaluate our well-being. But are there other areas of our life that we can improve upon that we can experience a long-term positive effect from? Are there areas that we could assist others with, that may not have a direct effect on our well-being? Helping others does not have physical benefits to our well-being, however the impact of assisting others and volunteering our time, efforts, and even money can have long-term positive effects on our emotional well-being. The satisfaction associated with helping someone less fortunate can be tremendous, and can sometimes outweigh your typical new year’s resolutions.

Money Donations

One of the most common ways to assist less fortunate individuals is to donate extra money to a charity or cause in which we believe in. This is the most common form of new years “good deeds” practiced by those who may experience demanding, highly stressful occupations. Funding volunteer organizations can assist groups with providing tools and resources to those who need it most. This may be used to provide food to homeless veterans, or provide tools for researching new types of diseases that plague those in poverty stricken areas. Though it may exert the lowest level of involvement, donating to a charity or cause in the new year can provide tremendous assistance for those in need.

Time Donations

You may be the opposite of a busy manager or executive. Perhaps you have a lot of free time, and the ability to volunteer your time. This might be the best option for individuals who lack the ability to share discretionary income. These individuals might be too strapped with their current earnings, to have the ability to share any of it with an outside source. This is where time plays an important role, and these types of individuals are able to offer up their free time to volunteer or complete tasks that charities and similar organizations may need assistance with. Volunteering time on a Saturday afternoon at your local vets office, or spending a Wednesday Evening assisting with serving meals at your local food bank can make all the difference. It’s important to find the right time and place to volunteer your time and services to make an impact.

Sticking To Your New Resolution

For many, sticking to your new year’s resolution is the most challenging aspect of making a positive change. The resolutions set forth by you and your family may only last a few weeks, and you’re less-favorable habits may return. It’s important to have a strong mindset, and determination to make a change. Set up a schedule or calendar, and plan out when you will volunteer each month. Develop a regular routine, and determine the locations where volunteering manpower is needed most in your community. Set a date, (i.e every last Friday of each month) and make your volunteering duty a priority on these days. Avoid scheduling other events or plans during this time, as your volunteering efforts could extend longer than anticipated when you arrive.

Remember, whether you are donating your time, or money in 2017- the positive effects felt after helping those who are less fortunate can be tremendous. Gather a group of friends, and become a role model among your community. Set the example, and show others how much volunteering can help those in their area. Let’s start off 2017 off on a positive note, and vow to volunteer more and assist organizations that need our help most!

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