The Duties of a Live-In Carer

For the elderly and those with illnesses that require constant attention such as dementia and Parkinson’s, live in care seems like a viable option. The set up of having a caregiver or care assistant living in the same home guarantees that the service is provided around the lifestyle of the client in a space that allows them to be most comfortable. Especially for dementia and Parkinson’s, it is best for them to stay in a place they are familiar with.

Live in care is having your carer become integrated into your daily life. Since they live with you, they are accessible and can be there for emergencies, unlike having visiting care which comes during a scheduled time. Live in care has immediate knowledge about any changes in routines and new prescriptions from the doctor. Home health care focuses on improving your lifestyle. Having a live-in carer takes away the time to adjust to new changes and the exchange of information. Their duties depend on what is needed from them. Here are three forms of support that a carer provides.

They are there for your every day

A live-in carer ensures that your activities in daily life are met. This ranges from feeding, toileting, personal grooming, and managing medications. A live-in carer can also help with daily chores such as cooking and cleaning depending on what you need and require.

Some people prefer a degree of independence for certain jobs. This can all be accommodated since it is a part of maintaining the dignity of an individual. You could enjoy cooking and it’s fine for you to continue to do that along with the carer’s assistance.

They are there for your school and work

Live in carers are not just limited to the elderly and those with illnesses that prevent them from going out. This is also an option for those who have illness and disabilities that need extra assistance. A live-in carer arrangement can also be made if you are a student at university. And if the working environment allows it, they can also accompany you to work.

They are there for your pets

Live in carers can also help with pets. Pets play an important role in a person’s psychological state and there is an established relationship between the owner and the pet. To maintain a person’s lifestyle, there should be minimal changes in relationships. A pet is often too much work, and this is where the carer can step in.

A live-in carer is not just integrating into your home life, but with life in general. Caregiving takes a lot mentally and physically. Their duties vary according to the environment, living situation, and needs of an individual. However, while they are there full-time they also have their breaks and days off. They are encouraged to have two full hours every day as a break. Arrangements are always flexible and substitute carers may come in when they need breaks.



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