The fitness benefits of technology

Technology has influenced virtually all aspects of life. People have also combined technology and the healthy-lifestyle and have run with it.

So naturally, you think of the pedometer. But that is merely the surface of the innovative ways in which technology allows you to track your fitness and lifestyle. Pedometers are now apps on phones! What’s more is that the apps that work in unison with a tracking or fitness bracelet have even more mind-blowing capabilities.

Use your tracker in conjunction with a medical aid scheme and track your journey to becoming a superhuman. But what is being tracked?

  • Diet
  • Calorie intake
  • Calories burned
  • Steps taken
  • Distance moved
  • Sleep
  • GPS location
  • Heartrate

Instant updates and daily information will let you know exactly what progress you have made towards your goal. It is motivational and, quite frankly, genius.

And if that wasn’t enough: some apps like “EveryMove” and Pact give you real life rewards for living well. You accumulate points that count towards gift cards and merchandise – or even real money! Never skip a session at the gym again seeing as now it is literally a profitable part of your day. How’s that for motivation? You can stay healthy and pay your medical aid bill all in one go.

If you have a tracker then it instantly updates all data whether you log in on your phone, tablet or computer. You are in the loop about what is happening to your body at all times. That is pretty amazing considering we used to rely solely on a watch which counts your heartbeats. Today, technology provides and contextualises the data!

Adaptable Fitness Technology Innovations
You don’t have to be a runner to enjoy the perks of fitness technology. There is even gear designed specifically for swimmers or for women tracking menstrual cycles or pregnancy.

These tracking tools can be put to use in so many different ways. You’ll cut your doctor’s visits in half and be guaranteed affordable medical cover. With a fitness tracker you’ll know when, what and how to respond to your body.

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