The History of the Spread of Marijuana

Has now grown marijuana plants in various parts of the world. Marijuana has actually evolved the function, which is used for the treatment and spiritual in ancient society, but now much more in one use. For more information, check this site Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

According to the record book Marijuana: The First Twelve Thousand Years, cannabis plants mentioned comes from vast grasslands of Central Asia, which is now in the Mongolia and Southern Siberia. This record shows marijuana has been used in 12,000 BC. Read more Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida
The research found marijuana growing on nutrient-rich sites relics of ancient society. For spiritual use, the research discovered marijuana seeds burned in burial mounds in Siberia. Carbon measurement showed marijuana was from 3000 BC.
Patterns of cannabis in the cemetery were also found in the tomb of the noble people in Xinjiang, China. After being used for a long time in the community of Mongolia, Siberia, and China, marijuana plants start coming out of Central Asia, toward Korea in 2000 BC and South Asia including India in 1000 BC. See also Medical Marijuana Florida
Furthermore, marijuana and then spread to the Middle East in 2000-1400 BC. The possibility that time marijuana use by groups of Indo-European nomadic Scythian. This group brought marijuana to the East Russia and Ukraine because they occupied this region for a long time.

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