Have children suddenly not wanted to eat? Forcing children to eat their food is not the right way because it can cause trauma when the meal schedule arrives. Let’s find out the trick

There is a period when children lose their appetite even when given their favorite food. Several ways can be done to make the time for eating enjoyable. Invite children to eat together with all family members at home with a pleasant atmosphere can help increase appetite in children.

What Causes Children Suddenly Difficult to Eat?
Health conditions that are not good can cause children to lose appetite, such as sore throats, fever, teething phase or other symptoms. If the signs and symptoms seen in a child do not improve, consult a doctor immediately.
If there are no signs and symptoms of health problems, there are a number of reasons why children lose their appetite:

Children consume food between meals
Children consume juice or milk between meals
Children are exhausted because of the activities carried out
For children over 1 year, will experience adjustment in appetite according to age, level of activity, growth period, and emotional condition

Tricks to Increase Child’s Appetite

If the decrease in appetite is not caused by health problems or the teething phase, then there are a number of tricks to increase a child’s appetite, such as:
Create a comfortable atmosphere while eating
Make mealtime a fun activity. Give several types of food, and let the child choose the food you want to eat. Focus on the type of food you like.

Give a Small Portion to Children

Giving small portions to children but several times is a trick that can be done when children cannot eat large amounts of food.

Avoid Making Coercion In Children

Give food to the child the desired amount and do not force the child to eat. Familiarize children to enjoy their food.

Invite Children to Participate in Making Food

During making food, the mother can explain to the child about the nutrients contained in food and its benefits to the body. This can make children slowly like food and spend their food.

Avoid Television When Eating

Have the habit of not watching television or you tube while eating. Explain to children the reason to enjoy food without other activities.

Inviting Children to Do Physical Activities
Invite children to do some activities outside the home such as cycling or swimming or playing in the yard with their peers.

Give Healthy Snacks
Snack packaging has a high content of sugar and calories which can reduce hunger in children. Give children healthy snacks such as fruit, juice or vegetables with processed foods that are tasty and attractive.

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