Weight Loss Food

Weight loss or diet often most people choose the way by taking medications that automatic chemistry in the long term would be bad for his health. The best way to lose weight is to choose a natural step for the diet program. There are many ways that can be selected in a program of diet naturally healthy fast and one of them is exercise. But these programs are often hampered by reason of lazy or busy because there was no time. In fact, by creating a schedule for each sport three times a week it will be very helpful in the process of rapid diet to lose weight.

Various options for the Fruit Diet

To be successful the diet to weight loss foods, some of the fruit is highly recommended for consumption.


This fruit is the right snack for anyone who is undergoing a program to lose weight. An average apple contains 5 grams of fiber and 85 percent of it is water. High content of water and fiber is that keeping blood sugar can remain stable so as to prevent a person hungry faster.


Another advantage is owned apple contains flavonoids called quercetin. The content is important as predicted effective against certain cancers, reduce cholesterol damage and helps nourish the lungs.


The second foods for weight loss  is a kind of citrus fruit, but has a larger size. This fruit is very helpful in weight loss, especially for those at risk of diabetes. Half of the fruit is predicted to reduce weight by 1.5 kg when taken before meals regularly for three months.


Grapefruit helps one lose weight with satiety effect. Meanwhile, fat burning function that supposedly held the fruit is not yet proven. One thing to note is careful to eat this fruit if treated. It is advisable to consult a doctor if the fruit is a negative influence on the drugs consumed or otherwise.

To lose weight, the banana can be recommended as a healthy food that can be put off hunger while increasing metabolism. In addition, the banana is a fruit that is free of fat, cholesterol, and sodium, but still rich in vitamins and minerals.


For anyone who is undergoing weight loss programs, try the consumption of fruit to the diet above. If combined with a good eating schedule, do not eat junk food and alcohol in excess, and is active in sports, the potential success of the diet will be bigger and bigger.

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