What to Do When You Suffer from a Head Injury

Injuries are common for both children and adults due to auto accidents or when playing sports. Unfortunately, many people suffer from injuries to their head, which can make it easy to suffer from several different symptoms. When you have a head injury, there are a few important steps to take to protect your health and determine if any underlying issues are present.

Call the Doctor

Although some head injuries can be minor, there are a few important signs to look for to determine if you need to visit the doctor. It’s important that the doctor is contacted if you lose consciousness, if you vomit several times, or if you have difficulty talking normally. According to healthline.com, you’ll need immediate medical attention if you feel disoriented or become confused. You may need to visit a facility like Intermountain Medical Imaging to undergo an MRI or CT scan to evaluate the condition of the brain.

Consider calling 911 to get transported to the nearest hospital. Motion can often make head injuries worse, but EMTs can stabilize you until you reach the hospital instead of attempting to drive on your own.


It’s important to allow yourself to rest by sleeping for several hours if you are breathing normally and have healthy color to your face, according to kidshealth.org. Sleeping can allow your body to heal faster and will improve your well-being. Ask a spouse or family member to check on you several times as you nap.

Stop the Bleeding

If the skin breaks or is cut, it’s important to stop the bleeding until receiving medical treatment from a professional. Apply pressure to the affected area to stop the bleeding while also using a cold pack to reduce swelling that may be present. Apply pressure to the cut for an average of 15 minutes, according to webmd.com.

Alleviate pain from the injury or discomfort from a headache that you may be experiencing by taking acetaminophen.

Find Supervision

Ask someone that you trust to supervise your condition for the next 24 hours to ensure that your health and well-being is monitored when you’re asleep or awake. The individual can call 911 if your symptoms become more severe and you are unable to use a phone. You’ll need to visit an emergency room immediately if you begin to suffer from seizures or continue to become unconscious.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

It’s important to lie low and relax in the days following a head injury. You’ll need to avoid driving or participating in sports. It’s also important to avoid exercising, which can cause your symptoms to become more severe. Avoid participating in high-impact injuries until you’ve had a follow-up appointment with a medical professional.

Although suffering from an injury can be a traumatic experience for most people, it’s important to follow the right steps to avoid complications. By receiving medical care for severe head injuries, you can be supervised by a professional and undergo tests to receive proper treatment.


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